Android vs iOS: Which One is Better for You?

To reader: Today, most people use smartphones, when people want to buy a new smartphone, there have many brands to choose. However, the smartphone operating system in general just have two, Android and iOS. In this blog, I will analyze the characteristics and differences between this two systems, which operating system is more suitable for you.

Preface:Green is the important point of Android, orange is the important point of IOS. Jump to the conclusion section can quickly get the conclusion.

  • Market Situation
  • Difference
  •   Interface
  •   Openness
  •   Price
  • Conclusion

Market Situation

2009 – 2016, the mobile operating system market share

Since the beginning of 2011, the global shipments of Android smartphones remain above 50%. From 2015 to 2016, Android smartphone global shipments reached 70%, and IOS (iPhone) shipments reached 20%. These two mobile operating systems accounted for most of the smartphone operating system market share. But in the United States, the number of IOS users is more than the number of Android users.

But the market situation does not represent the idea of everyone, the choice also needs to be analyzed from other angles.



Android-Different manufacturers have different design of the Android interface
IOS–Unified interface

Android and IOS were developed by Google and Apple respectively. There are many similarities and differences between this two operating system. Android and IOS give customers a similar interactive experience, it is not very difficult for users to switch between the two systems.

For mobile phone interface, Android phone has a higher customization, the user can freely choose the favorite icon and application style. IOS users can not change the interface, only change the desktop background.


For application developers and smartphone manufacturers, these two systems have a big difference, this difference is open and closed. For application developers, Android is an open system, this system gives a lot of authorities to each application, and these extra authorities allow the developer to design more functionality for the application. In this system, the user can use the flash drive, mouse and keyboard, finish a lot of computer’s work.

Most of the Android system phone support OTG, you can external mouse and other hardware, feature-rich.

However, too many authorities also allow many applications to abuse resources, waste more power and reduce system speed. In addition, iOS system is very closed, application developers are limited to using fewer systems API (Application Programming Interface) to develop applications. The system can better control the operation of each application, and give users a better experience. Each application is also restricted to install only in the app store. In addition, Apple itself released a lot of hardware and closed ios will be the perfect connection of each hardware together.

Apple has a lot of self-developed different hardware

On the other hand, the market strategy of these two systems is also very different. IOS is only allowed to run on the apple device, Apple can effectively control the hardware and software, to provide users with the ultimate user experience. Android is authorized to many smartphone manufacturers. By the manufacturer to optimize the user experience of the system and provide differentiated services. So, there are many types of Android smartphones on the market, customers have more choices

Android system, there are many brands of mobile phones optional, IOS only iPhone


The average price of Android phones always lower than the iPhone.The gap has grown in the last five years.

Android phone and ios phone the biggest difference in the price. iPhone prices have been kept high, and Android mobile phones in different brands and different series have a very variety of prices can people choose. If you think smartphones are not important to you, you can choose cheap Android phones for $ 100 or less.

Amazon has many cheap Android phones for sale.


Choose the smartphone system, the easiest way is to ask yourself a few questions.

1.Do you need a more functional smartphone, or is it a smoother smartphone?

2.You need a more personalized interface smartphone, or do not mind the interface?

3. Do you mind the price of a smartphone?(highlow) Is smartphone important to you? Is it worth the price to buy a smartphone?

This is my point of view for Android and iOS smartphone, hoping to help you!



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